Dartmoor Rural Services offers a wide variety of agricultural and countryside based fencing solutions. Large projects are successfully undertaken using our modern post driving machinery, and where terrain or access limit the use of machines we are more than happy to provide aptitude and manual methods to ensure the work gets completed efficiently.

We provide the following:

  • stock proof fencing for all types of livestock.
  • post and rail for both amenity and equine applications.
  • gateways installed.
  • specialist fencing against deer & rabbits and tree/woodland protection.
  • public access features such as kissing gates, styles and boardwalks.

We insist on using good quality materials and our high standards of workmanship will leave you with no doubt that our fences will stand the test of time.

Amongst our (always growing) selection of fencing machinery is a digger mounted postdriver, with this outfit we are able to access soft grounds, woodlands and other sensitive sites leaving minimal ground damage. It also has the capacity to reach over ditches, walls and streams where other machines would founder. There is also a hydraulic post hole borer for manually installed fences such as gates/post and rail and other precision applications.

Stock proof fencing for all types of livestock
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